Manhunt exists because of Loquis, an app that magically brings an audio-narration in your headphone when you pass through places in which an audio was geotagged. As soon as I discovered Loquis (thanks to a post by Carlo Infante) I started plotting with Gianfranco Bitti, my partner in crime.

We took this augmented audio reality (because that’s what Loquis is about) and started telling a story that brings together the things we like the most: walking through the streets of Cagliari, telling stories, playing.
Manhunt is about a man with a dark past, chased by a woman with whom he used to work for the ominous Firm. The man has disappeared leaving behind broken hearts and stolen industrial secrets, and the Firm has entrusted the woman to find him.
We are developing Manhunt each shot 60-second track at a time, and basically we are just a few steps ahead of you. But we know roughly where we want the narrative to take us, both geographically and with the plot.

It is also worth mentioning that Manhunt started in Italian with Caccia all’uomo, but we thought that the game was too much fun not to share it with our English-speaking friends. We also thought that It would have been unfair not to give the man the chance to tell the story from his point of view (we are working on this).
The only certain is thing is that we are having a great time, Gianfranco looking for those (true) bits and pieces with which he laces the plot, and I mixing voice and silences and bringing the story to your audio devices. Oh, one last thing, if you have fun listening, let us know.

I’m Cristina Marras and this is Manhunt.

Follow Cristina’s Manhunt and discover the city of Cagliari, Sardinia, in an adventurous and original way.

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