Inner Vision Wonders offers a wide range of live event illustration services. They all bring something special to the event while at the same time leaving you something unique for your company and clients to keep.

Spice up your event with illustrations! This service is the most creative and interactive of all. Here it’s all about the drawing ability, quick sketching style and, surprise surprise, networking with the crowd. Live event Illustration works as an amazing ice breaker, makes people feel more relaxed and stimulate curiosity. They will never forget your event! 

The ‘Casual’ live event sketching

Sometimes we will move around the crowd ‘casually’ sketching people’, other times we will be sitting at a desk with plenty of colourful brushes. From live sketches networkers at your corporate events to quick stylish sketches at fashion shows, to minimal sketched portraits. What does your event need the most? Get in touch and let’s talk about it. 

Live event Scribing

Live event sketching on a A0 or bigger foam boards (or other white board). Visual note during events and conferences. So that you can then show it to your team and clients or use it on a presentation deck, website or newsletter. This is a fun and highly entertaining ‘performance’ for any corporate or industry event. 

Graphic Facilitation

Working alongside with the event facilitators and your team during meetings or workshops we will translate all concepts into visual metaphors and visual notes. This sessions start from half a day to a full day (8 hours) and are planned together with your company facilitator/ project managers at least a month or two in advance. 


Learn visual thinking techniques and visual note taking. It will help you communicate more effectively with others during meetings or training sessions, or just improve your visual memory. This is a fun yet extremely mind opening event. 

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