Ieducate Centre
Illustrated Visual Story

Visual story / infographic / flyer design for Ieducate Centre. UK. 

Empathising and building the story

After sending a questionnaire to the client and doing some research I started to draft a story. Here are some of my notes:

 ‘Let’s view the story from a parent’s perspective and let’s focus on the Academy’s uniqueness. What exactly are ‘The Best’ tools in use? Let’s describe these tools in the infographic. These are the type of information parents look for when considering a course for their children.

These tools will give their children a real advantage at school, and more importantly, in life. Mastering Maths will allow the children to get the top paying jobs in the future (hence, allowing them to live a good life as adults). This is what parents really want.

This was the starting point.

The infographic is going to tell a story. And the story needs to talk to someone.

Here is the process I used while working on the story with the client. 

Our target audience is the parents.

Why do they need Ieducate?

Possible reason:

Their child may shave difficulties learning maths


The child is good at maths but the parent is exploring all the best options available.

Working on the process and defining the story

The problem: Firstly we need to understand the problem of parent/child (I’m not good at maths, I can’t understand it, I hate maths or the child may have actual cognitive/learning problems).

Understand the parent’s desire.

The Desire: Secondly, We need to know what the parents objectives are, their aspirations, ambitions and dreams for their children’s future, success at school and overall wellbeing.

The Solution: The infographic will show them the solutions. How this courses can help their children learn and master (memorise) maths in a more incluse, fun environment.

The infographic should tell them that the objective of IEducate Centre, as a leading Maths Academy, is for all its students to reach 11plus maths level (the highest level primary), for example.

Also, we should show them the future that learning and loving maths can give you:

Mastering maths could help them become an astronaut, a chemist, a aerospace engineer, a Robotics AI expert, etc.

If their children grow-up loving maths they will have more opportunities and will be ready to grab the top jobs of the future.

Let’s try to highlight the fact that this method will help all kids to reach great marks at school and potentially more.

Layout drafts

We are going to use the colours already present in the logo. The colour blocks represent the learning tools used at the school. 

Characters and Illustrations

Live Event Illustrations

Janders Dean hosted the  #JDHorizons legal conferences in London on 17th May at The Courthouse Hotel, London.

UK based, International Legal Consultancy, Janders Dean organises the #JDHorizons events, conferences and Visual Contracts ‘Design Jam’.

The Design Jam Sessions: a ‘workshop’ session to literally start thinking outside the box.
The teams were asked to create Visual Contracts and work on problem solving phases with the aid of design thinking technique ‘The Double Diamond’. 
6 teams were involved in the creation of a visual contract in the form of Comics. I helped two of the teams translating their problem solving process and ‘super heroes stories’  into a illustrated visual story / comic strip. 

Discover more about the event #JDHORIZONS

Graphic Facilitator

Workshop based on problem solving and conflicts management using the double diamond technique. 

Working alongside the workshop facilitators I helped the team to visually illustrate their process towards the solution. 

(Image from the Design Council UK)



Live Conference Scribing

Global is the home of some of the UK’s best-loved radio stations: Heart, Capital, Classic FM, Smooth, Capital XTRA, Radio X, LBC and Gold. 

We were called To bring some creativity at Global’s Quarterly internal event ‘Global – Cheers & Ideas’ a full day Conference with speakers (and Global’s partners) from companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. 

The aim was to create an impactful and fun visual sum-up of the event on a board. 

(Project created with illustrator Emma Ryan and Doodlette)

Although the event was a live event, we sketched few drafts and researched beforehand. We also decided to prepare nice portraits of the speakers in advance and attached them to white foam-board cut-outs (for a 3d effects on the final board). 

Illustration for whiteboard animation

From Storyboard to final illustrations and animation. We worked with illustrator Emma Ryan and several other animators and illustrators at this RSA style whiteboard animation to be presented during a European Corporate Event.  

(Project created with illustrator Emma Ryan and Doodlette)

Live Scribing

We created 6 illustrated posts anticipating and announcing the Giant Health Event 2017. 

During the event we worked on a  A1 Board scribing as the event unfolded. 

(Project created with illustrator Emma Ryan and Doodlette)

'One day at Cocoon' Visual Story


Visual story / Explainer infographic to promote the co-working space at the Chinese, UK (London) based, business networks ecosystem ‘Cocoon Networks’. 

(Project created with illustrator Emma Ryan and Doodlette)

Below: Main Character Study, ‘Emily’.  

Cocoon Networks - Company Overview

Overview of Cocoon Networks.

What is the Network China – UK?

What are the specialties and values of Cocoon Networks? 

Everything is represented in this illustrated visual story.


(Project created with illustrator Emma Ryan at Doodlette)


Think Natalia - Explainer Illustrated Card

Award Winning Personal Branding Strategist Natalia explains her strategies and advices with the aid of our illustrated cards. 

Visual Thinking Presentation

We hosted 2 Breakfast presentation with  Emma Ryan and Doodlette at Huckletree east and West.

The main topic was the power of visual thinking, who and how it can help your creativity.